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Whilst living in London John saw two of his plays performed on the stage; "British" at The London Theatre and "The Storm" at theatre 503. At the same time John began acting as an in-house writer for the London based production company Redeeming Features where he has recently completed a screenplay on the battle of Stalingrad. 

John is currently working on his upcoming play, "Saving Mr Ultimate" which will appear the the Edinburgh 2021 Fringe, the synopsis of which can be found below: 

"Paul wants to keep the family comic book shop open in memory of his dad who took his own life when he was eight, but when his big brother, Barry, decides to sell, he has to enlist the heroic Mr Ultimate to convince Barry otherwise. A comedy drama looking at the long lasting issues suicide can have on a family’s life, “Saving Mr Ultimate” is about our fear of letting go and how that can prevent us from becoming the superhero of our own comic books, instead of remaining the sidekick."

For tickets please message directly. 

The Escape

The Escape

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"McEwan-Whyte, a young intelligent playwright, creates a show strongly in favour of immigration, learning from other cultures to evolve into a more accepting society. He seeks to understand what the country fears so that it becomes more familiar, not eschew and label it as detrimental to our great nation. British is a vicious cycle that highlights the perils of ignorance, a show that will resonate more powerfully by leaving more of its final message implied yet unsaid."

Daniel Perks - A Younger Theatre

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